Hello, my name is Alejandro Kobiakov and I’m the creator of culismo.

I decided to develop culismo because in it I found a fun project to explore, uniqueness for expression, endless artistic possibilities and lots of commercial edge. It is my million dollar idea.

You can contact me at: ak [at] culismo [dot] om.

I’m a designer/illustrator/animator and struggling artist. Born and raised in Caracas (Venezuela), I spent several years in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and South Brunswick (USA) before returning to Caracas and receiving a degree in graphic design from Universidad Nueva Esparta.

In 2000 co-founded in Caracas the studio LDTQHLADLIDSG, where I collaborated in over 30 animated pieces for TV and film.

In 2004 I relocated to Madrid, Spain, to start and develop culismo. Later I moved to Barcelona, where I currently reside.

I continue working on graphic design, illustration and animation projects. Until the end of spring 2010 I collaborated with the TV show “Salvados”, broadcasting over 70 episodes. I also teach After Effects within the motion graphics program at IDEP.


2011 – Galería Artevistas

2011 – Artesería de Almas -Barcelona

2010 – Elephanta – Barcelona

2009 – Plantazero – Barcelona

2009 – Galería CMVTV (Como me ves te verás, arte popular mexicano) – Barcelona

2008 – Espacio Ya-lo-hago-yo – Barcelona

2007 – Restaurant Yataki – Madrid

2007 – Café Galdós – Madrid

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