“In the bathtub”

"In the bathtub"

80×80 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Detail of "In the bathtub"

Detail of benday dots, by brush, one by one.

"Woman in bath" by Roy Lichtenstein

“Woman in bath” by Roy Lichtenstein, 1963.

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If you visit Vienna, Bar Rectum

Bar Rectum, ViennaBar Rectum, ViennaBar Rectum, ViennaBar Rectum, Vienna

Ok, so there are way nicer places to visit there, but the Bar Rectum deserves at least a picture. By dutch artist Joep van Lieshout, the bar has the shape of the human digestive system from the tongue all the way through the anus, which works as an emergency exit.

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Some things new, others not…

Hello! Some readers have suggested I center the content of this blog on culismo and culismo related news, but my artistic activity has not been explosive the past few months. In consequence, the blog seems to have been put a bit aside. Now and then I must take on projects in graphic design and motion graphics to help pay the rent. Here’s a review:

Today I got from the press the postcards I designed for the Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (Ocean science institute) with beautiful photographs taken by Eduardo Obis.

Jellyfish postcards

Also from the press arrived the CD boxes for Bloque 53′s new album “Te hace mover los pies” (makes you move your feet). For ways to acquire it, click here.

Bloque53 CD

December was a quite agitated month. First, I worked on the logo and motion design of TV show “El 2011 con Berto y Ana”, by El Terrat, which aired at La Sexta on new year’s eve. The show was based on the maya prediction of the world coming to an end on 2012. The logo intended (a bit) copy maya design.

El 2011

That month I worked as well with Ikonemedia, where I did motion design for the GSeries BPa videos (click here), adrenaline filled car races taking place on snow covered tracks at Andorra’s Pyrenee mountains.

I also collaborated with my friend El Puma (Manuel Márquez) doing the graphics for the Land Rover’s “Discovery Challenge” videos, project managed by Wunderman Madrid.

Lastly, I recently dined at my favorite burger joint in Barcelona and saw they made plastic bags with the logo I designed for them a few years back. So I took one with for portfolio purposes.

Pim Pam burger

Don’t think I haven’t been painting, though. I’ve just been going a bit slower than I would want. I have a painting almost finished, just waiting for a Ben-day dot pattern I’m having made. What pattern? You’ll see.

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Happy holidays, from the eternal city…


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My first sculpture, finally done!

First sculpture

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